Comparing “Apples with Apples” in an Explosives Tender Process

On March 9th 2021
Tender processes can be difficult for many reasons. They test internal communication within supplier and customer teams and they can reveal how (un-)aligned different areas of a...

Explosives Market Drivers

On December 8th 2020
The global explosives industry supplies the blasting needs of every mining company in the world, regardless of their size or type of mineral. The mining and metal extraction...

Contract Negotiation & Management

On October 13th 2020
Did you know that effective contract development and management can improve profitability by 9%? Most explosives supply contracts combine product supply with service delivery,...

The Right Explosives Strategy

On September 15th 2020
Every mine has its own strategy to develop the resource effectively and achieve production goals and come in “under budget”. Quite often though, there can be difficulties in...

SSAN Audits

On August 28th 2020
The Qld Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRME) Chief Inspector for Explosives, Alex Mandl recently released an Explosives Safety Alert (no. 101) on August 12th, 2020...

Beirut – AN Explosion

On August 10th 2020
The explosion in Beirut last week was catastrophic. The aftermath of the blast in Lebanon, involving a stated 2,750t of ammonium nitrate, looks devastating. The unfortunate loss...

Electronic Detonators

On July 28th 2020
Do I need electronic detonators? And are they value for money? These are important questions, and if you are a blasting engineer at a minesite, you should expect someone to...

Explosives Energy

On June 30th 2020
How do I get value for money when purchasing and using bulk explosives? There are a number of issues that need to be considered, but what information do you really need from...

Covid19 Impacts

On June 11th 2020
Everyone is asking if the world will "return to normal” after Coronavirus. The answer is that nobody really knows. What we do know though, is that markets do tend to recover...

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