SSAN Audits

On August 28th 2020

The Qld Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRME) Chief Inspector for Explosives, Alex Mandl recently released an Explosives Safety Alert (no. 101) on August 12th, 2020 requesting that:

“Authority Holders manufacturing and/or storing SSAN are to review their current safety and security management systems to ensure diligent adherence to legislation standards and codes of practice for handling the substance”.

Moncourt Group is an independent consultancy business that works specifically in the area of commercial explosives and has deep experience and knowledge of all facets of ammonium nitrate and explosives. Moncourt Group has developed an audit document which specifically addresses all the requirements for safe storage of SSAN under the Qld Legislation (cover Explosives Information Bulletin 53 – “Storage Requirements for SSAN” Version 6, dated 12/8/20) and we can assist you with any aspect of compliance required by this Explosives Safety Alert.

Lucas Bottomley is Principal at Moncourt Group Australia, based in Brisbane and can be contacted on +61 455 999 187 or


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