Supply Chain

Measurable and sustainable impact from understanding, optimizing and safely operating the ammonium nitrate and explosives supply chain

Diagnose, Optimize and Implement

  • Identify the opportunities within the existing ammonium nitrate and explosives supply chains
  • Clearly define the changes to be made and the process to follow to realize the opportunities
  • Deliver great, fully implemented results, not just recommendations

Supply Chain Design

  • Reduce a mine’s ongoing production costs with optimal upfront design of the ammonium nitrate and explosives supply chains

Safety Audits

  • Reduce the risk of unsafe practices and maximize security of supply
  • Ensure best practice processes are being applied at all stages of the supply chain, including manufacturing, transportation and storage

Moncourt Group applies in-depth end-to-end knowledge of the entire supply chain and change management process. Among other aspects, we consider safety, blast performance, costs, margins, risks, inventory, logistics, cash and tax impacts, as well as potential competitive advantage.

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