Contract Negotiation and Management

Capture and retain full value

Moncourt Group uses its experience to ‘level the contracting playing field’ between buyers and sellers.

  • Leadership and support of the end-to-end contracting process for ammonium nitrate and/or explosives… from boardroom to bench
  • Get better results by using our:
    • Independent, specialised, ‘inside industry’ content knowledge; and
    • Procurement process expertise
  • Identify and deliver improvement opportunities
  • Develop and manage your rise and fall formulas to reduce risk and get optimal pricing
  • Independent expertise on product selection, service requirements and bundling to select what is right for you
    • Increase supplier accountability with KPIs that are right for you
    • Ensure the ‘value add’ portion of a supply offer is tangible and beneficial to you
  • Maintain the maximum value from your agreement: stop any “seepage”

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