The Right Explosives Strategy

On September 15th 2020

Every mine has its own strategy to develop the resource effectively and achieve production goals and come in “under budget”. Quite often though, there can be difficulties in the execution of the plan.

For many mining companies, strategies are difficult to implement as the reality of operating a mine is complicated and often distracts from being able to design and deliver the best strategies for the business.

To build the right strategy and obtain maximum value in the area of explosives there are two main challenges:

•   An aligned perspective between the boardroom and the site;

•   Identifying the correct approach for all the drill and blast factors at the mine site level (e.g. geology, fragmentation, explosives energy, blast sizes, ground water, dilution control, use of electronics, flyrock, noise, fume, vibration– the list goes on…)

Success with the first challenge relies on good internal communication and understanding.  Head office must take the mine’s progress and constraints into account and the mine must support delivery of the broader business needs.

Success with the second challenge requires a deep knowledge of your own site from a technical perspective and then mapping that to the market where your explosives are purchased.  The technical challenges need to be addressed together with the commercial reality, including market drivers, supplier behaviour and capability, security of supply and industry knowledge. Through this understanding you will not only achieve price competitiveness but also be more likely to extract the maximum value from your explosives and services purchases.

At Moncourt Group we work with our clients to achieve their goals in relation to AN and explosives. We combine technical expertise with commercial insight at the global, regional and country level.


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